As a parent you'll know just how tough it can sometimes be. Did you often long to have someone to confide in or just have a chat with?

Will I be the right sort of person to support a family?

Home-Start volunteers are all ages and from all walks of life. All that we ask of you is that you have experience of bringing up children and can spare between two and four hours a week.

What will visiting a family involve? 

This varies. You could spend time with a young parent, helping to build their confidence as they adapt to life with a small baby, or share an outing with a family who finds getting out of the house difficult. The visits might involve offering an extra pair of hands to a family with several children or providing a listening ear to a mother who is suffering from postnatal illness. Being a Home-Start volunteer means offering friendship to parents and spending time with families in a way that meets their needs.

Preparation Course for Volunteers - we need you!! Click here for more details

Our next Preparation Course will be starting in September 2019, click the link below for dates. If you are a parent or grandparent or have 24 hour parenting experience then please contact us for more details Support us.

Click here for the Sept - Oct 2019 Prep Course Timetable

What will I gain from being a Home-Start volunteer? 

  • You will be helping a family to cope with the pressures they are facing and make a real difference to the lives of parents and their children
  • You will receive support and training to prepare you for all aspects of your role with Home-Start
  • You will make new friends and have lots of fun
  • You will develop new, and often accredited, skills through ongoing monthly training, and have some wonderful experience to add to your CV
  • Out of pocket expenses will be paid

Changing Lives

How Home-Start Volunteers change the lives of the families they support

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